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Dear Madison Families,
We have reached the end of February and March is upon us next week.  It continues to amaze me how quick this unusual year has progressed.  In a couple weeks, we will have Spring Break and then the final push to Summer begins.  I am impressed with all the hard work students and staff continue to put in daily.  Reading has been an emphasis for us this year and student growth is at an all-time high, even with the shorter days.  Our kindergarteners have worked diligently to learn their alphabetical principles, letter names and sounds, and our 1st and 2nd graders have been mastering their phonemic awareness and reading fluency.  I know it can be difficult for many of you given this stressful time, but please find the time to read with your children so that they can impress you with their amazing skills.
Given the current high numbers of COVID in our community, I want to appreciate all the Madison families for their continued support to keep their children and families safe.  Families are doing an excellent job of communicating with the school and keeping students home who might feel a little under the weather.  Routines of wearing masks, sanitizing hands, and maintaining social distancing are second nature for many students and staff.  Its showing with the amazing attendance we are seeing in many of our cohorts.  If you have concerns, please call the office or Nurse Bev with any questions.
A huge thank you and shout out to Ms. Reed for her encouragement of healthy living and physical fitness.  She continues to provide many physical fitness opportunities for all our students and Laps Club has been so much fun for all students and staff.  The Kid’s Hear Challenge has been a huge success and its great to see the students raising money for a great cause and learning how to jump rope.  We are nearing our goal of $1500.
Fridays are still school days, and some have asked about the phone calls on Monday.  Its important that students either log-in to an online platform and complete work or complete the packets provided each week.  When students complete either options, they are then marked present for the day.  If you are need of a Chromebook, please contact your teacher. 
Next month brings some important events.  Read Across America Week starts March 1 and we will have some spirit days to celebrate. March 1 is also the beginning of classified appreciation week.  Throughout the week, we will be celebrating our secretaries, educational assistants, cafeteria staff, support staff, and custodians.  Spring Break is March 22-26 and will be sending out reminders the week before.  Our Spring fundraiser kicks of March 1.  All the money from the fundraiser goes into the classrooms to bridge funding gaps for families that cannot buy school supplies and provide additional resources to teachers to enhance student learning.  We appreciate all the financial support and cookies are always a delicious item to purchase. 
Warmest Regards,
Mr. Elias Ashton

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