We encourage students to dress appropriately for the classroom and for school activities. Neat and clean appearance is highly desirable. However, we realize styles of dress and grooming change and should not be regulated by school edict. You are expected to exercise good judgment and taste in student dress and grooming. “Good taste” is that which a majority of reasonable people consider appropriate for the occasion.

You have a right to expect a productive school environment. You also have a right to expect that environment to be healthy and safe. To help us meet these expectations, you should adhere to the following:

Your dress and grooming should not interfere with the learning process.

  1. Your dress and grooming should not constitute a health or safety hazard and should abide by state and federal health and safety rules and guidelines.
  2. You should not wear revealing clothing, or those with obscene, suggestive, or highly offensive words, pictures, or graphics, or those that promote the use of drugs or alcohol.
  3. You should not wear, carry or display gang-related clothing or paraphernalia.
  4. You should wear shoes, except as specified in certain school activities.
  5. If you work around machinery or during similar activities, you may be required to wear protective gear, which may include restraints for long hair.
  6. If you participate in extra-curricular activities, you may be required to wear specified attire and may be restricted to certain types of grooming. This may include a higher standard of grooming than is required of the general student body when traveling as a representative of the school.

Infractions of these dress and grooming standards will become a matter of counseling with you and/or your parent. You may be removed from class or an activity temporarily pending resolution of the problem. (Refer to District Policy JFCA.) the clothing issue has been resolved the child is expected to return to class. If you have questions or need assistance in providing shoes or clothing for your child, please do not hesitate to call @ 541-888-1218.

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