Basic Multiplication
Times Square  This game provides great practice with multiplication facts as players race to be the first to get 4 products in a row on the game board.
Factor Dazzle  Players score points for finding all the factors of target numbers set by their opponents.
Table Numbers  The player chooses a factor between 2 and 9. He or she is then presented with 3 different numbers, and has to choose the one that is a multiple of the chosen factor. Good visuals; good practice.
Two Minute Warning   The player has 2 minutes to answer as many multiplication problems as he or she can. At the end of the game, the computer will show how many correct and incorrect answers the player got.
Pumpkin Multiples   The player races to collect multiples of a number. Before your child starts playing, talk about how you can tell if a number is a multiple of the number he or she selected. At the end of the game, the computer will show the multiples: talk with your child about any patterns he or she sees in those numbers. What do the multiples have in common?

Basic Division
Timed Flashcards   The player recalls 30 basic division facts. You’ll need to click on a few links to get to the flashcards. There are also links on this page to basic multiplication facts, as well as more advanced multiplication and division flashcards.

Money: Subtraction with Decimal Numbers
Making Change   The player finds the difference between a price and the amount of money paid. Then the player shows that change using the fewest coins and bills possible. Talk to your child about some ways to calculate the amount of change mentally. For example, can he or she add up from the price to the amount paid to figure the difference?

Dig It  Players take turns digging in a field loaded with precious stones. The object is to collect as much dirt and as many stones as possible. Players tell the shovel where to dig by using a set of numbers to make a fraction, and then locating that fraction on a number line that runs across the field. The more accurately they locate the fraction, the better their score.
Fraction Feud  Players use number “cards” to create fractions that are larger (or smaller) than their opponents’ in a series of mock jousts.
Drop Zone  Players add fractions that will total 1 as they race to win 5 points in this action-packed game. Develops fraction sense, estimation, and skill at adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. A winner!
Pizza Party   The player selects the fraction that shows how much of a pizza is left on the pan.

Strategy and Basic Addition
Killer Sodoku   The player fills in a grid of numbers according to specified rules that draw on logical reasoning and basic addition facts.

All Basic Facts
Numberboard  In this engaging, puzzle-like activity, the player is challenged to add, subtract, multiply and/or divide a set of 4 numbers to come as close as possible to a target number.
Quick Math   The player must select the operational symbol (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) that will make the equation true. All equations are based on basic facts. After your child has played a few times, talk about some quick ways to tell which operation will complete the equation. Your child might be using strategies that don’t involve doing all the calculations, and that is fine: the strategies probably rely on a strong sense of number and operations.

Area & Perimeter
Square Off  Children learn more about the relationship of area and perimeter as they create force fields to capture alien spaceships in this fast-moving game.

More Games
The two sites below contain some of the best games for elementary math students. Look through the sites to find other games for your child to play.
Primary Games 
Math Games on Fun School
National Library of Virtual Manipulative

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