Speedy Pictures 1   A small quantity of dots, beads, eggs, or fingers is displayed for a few seconds, and the player clicks on the matching number. The quantities are displayed in groupings that lead children away from counting one by one, toward recognizing small groups, counting on, and adding to find the total.

Numeral and Word Matching
The Number Game   The player matches numerals and words (2 and two, for example). Your child might need you to read the words out loud.

Number Ordering (Strategy)
Golf Solitaire   The player moves cards that are 1 more or 1 less than the card shown. Talk to your child about how he or she can make strategic choices when more than one move is possible. Your child could also play this game with a deck of cards after learning to play it online.

Basic Addition
Speedy Pictures 2  Similar to Speedy Pictures 1, players race to beat a timer as they add the number of dots shown on 2 dice, the number of fingers shown on two hands, or the number of beads shown in two rows. This one is a winner!

Add ‘Em Up   The player chooses the correct answer to basic addition problems. If the player selects an incorrect answer, the problem is shown with pictures to help the player add the two numbers.

Basic Subtraction
Take It Away   The player chooses the correct answer to basic subtraction problems. If the player selects an incorrect answer, the problem is shown with pictures to help the player find the difference between the two numbers.

Repeating Patterns
Pattern Mania   The player looks at a repeating pattern and then chooses the item that comes next. Ask your child to explain how he or she can tell what comes next and to show you where the pattern starts and where it ends.

More Games
The two sites below contain some of the best games for elementary math students. Look through the sites to find other games for your child to play.
Primary Games
Math Games on Fun School
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

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